What is a Poodle?

A Beautiful Description of the poodle taken from the book “The Popular Poodle” by Clara Browring and Alida Munro published 1953 on page 16, I quote:-

“The Poodle is the dog, Par excellence, for the discerning owner. In appearance he has come down almost unchanged through the centuries. He appears on statues in Ancient Rome; he can be seen woven into the tapestries of the fifteenth century. He has been, and is the companion of Kings , Soldiers and Statesmen. He has distinguished himself on the battlefields; he has had statues raised in his honour.

He has delighted millions through the ages with his antics in the Circus, where he walks proudly upon the stage in appearance the replica, in miniature, of the King of Beasts. Woodcutters of mediaeval times have reproduced him in their pictured, and in the last century he has graced thousands of homes in the guise of a Lord Chancellor upon the Woolsack. Gazing at humanity with all the wisdom and dignity that is inherent in the true Poodle.

To see him in his home, leaping, prancing, feinting, turns the mind at once to the Renaissance, and to the ancient coats of arms His ability as a sportsman is unsurpassed, as many a keeper can testify. He has beaten the Alsatian in his own field of obedience. He is bold, and he is tender. He is full of the wisdom of the ages. As his expression shows. He partakes of the gaiety of his native France whence he came in the dim past. One Poodle is known to have died on the battlefield. He is courteous to visiting dogs, but he will allow no liberties. He will not fight, but if he is attacked he will defend himself to the death.

He will herd sheep, retrieve game, protect his owner’s life and property. He will play the clown, he will grace the Show Ring, he will add gaiety to life with his zest. He will learn any tricks with apparently no effort. He has fire and intelligence in his bearing. He is unique in the Show Ring in that he is the only dog who may have his coat clipped to suit himself, with Kennel Club sanctions, whereas his brother canines are forbidden to interfere with their natural endowments except in trifling details. He dances with ease, he leaps gracefully to your arms, he surmounts walls, he tracks, he retrieves, he dies for his country –in fact he does everything but speak. In the words of the late Miss Bunker: “he has but one fault – he cannot live for ever “